Day 2 digest

Day 2: Nobody wanted Minced Ginger. Was that because they had it yesterday? No problemo. We've got 16 flavors so that gives 'em 15 more to choose from.

Today's magic flavor was Pistachio. You should have seen people's eyes as they zeroed in on the label that says "salted" and "colossal". They got real big.

We had the same conversation all day long.....

No ma'am, it's the nuts that are salty, not the ice cream.

Yes sir, they're whole pistachios, not just crumbly nuggets.

No you idiot, I don't know why it was ever green. (the nut industry must be .... kinda nuts).

Here's a picture of Jack demonstrating proper eating technique.
Step 1 - open mouth
Step 2 - insert spoon
Step 3 - more more more!