So much new for this first weekend in February...

First a little inspiration for lunch or a light dinner.....
all available from LICK The Market, of course

Frisée and Pigasso’s nitrate free smoked bacon, a coarse mustard vinaigrette, topped with a poached egg(s) from Northern Star Farm or Pigasso!

(don’t poached eggs make everything better?)

Then we’ll move right on to dessert!

David Ludke’s gluten free (dee-lish!) tarts will be back this week along with those gorgeous lady cakes from The Red Barn. To cut the sweetness we have a few new flavors in our ever popular ice cream department, these are limited.…….

Very Blueberry
Toasted Coconut
Banana Cookie
Black Raspberry
Rum Raisin
Salted Colossal Pistachio
Thai Coconut
Boysenberry Sorbet

Bread! LOAF is closed again this week but on Friday we will be stocked with pan a l'ancienne and a limited amount of Quinoa and bialy. Saturday we'll have more pan a l'ancienne, quinoa and ciabatta. These arrive throughout the mornings so call ahead if you're specifically coming for bread.

Along with our line-up of arugula, mesclun, spinach, kale, frisée, rainbow chard, fennel and leeks we have some new items in the veggie and fruit department too:

Organic Broccoli

Organic Russian Banana Fingerling Potatoes
This heirloom cultivar of Russian origin is petite in size allowing them to cook quickly, making them perfect if you don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. Mild and nutty with earthy undertones.

Organic Comice Pears

The formal name for this 19th c. French cultivar is Doyenne Du Comice.
Blushed green and small in size these are considered the sweetest and juiciest of pears.

Also new this week:

Traditional Pork
Chicken Liver with Black Truffles
and, get this....Pigasso’s Liverwurst is similar to a pate and it’s delicious!

The most exciting addition of the week……

Fresh Fish!

With the help of our distributor and the Monterey Bay Sea Aquarium’s Sustainability Guide we’ll bring you the freshest fish that’s also ocean friendly.

We’ll start with farm raised Arctic Char:

a rich taste with a flavor profile somewhere between trout and salmon (two of it's relatives) and ranging in color from light pink to deep red with moderately firm but fine flakes.

and wild caught Halibut is
our second fresh fish offering of the week: Firm, mild, meaty fish that can stand up to a spicy sauce or tampanade or even compliment delicate butter and lemon!

We'll have our usual beautiful cut flowers from Cedar Farm, and array of local cheeses including the most velvety fresh ricotta and sultry burrata, milk and cream from RonnyBrook, Butter! Lamb, pork and chicken from Northern Star and Pigasso.

Organic, grass fed beef from Miller's Crossing.
Granola and local organic polenta; dried herbs and herbal teas from Red Oak Farm in Stuyvesant.
Apples, squash, onions and cider! from Samacott's in Kinderhook.
Carrots, sweet potatoes from Miller's crossing
Organic beets; parsnips, garlic and shallots; CNG Onions from Blue Star Farm and so much more!

Thanks for your support Hudson (and visiting guests!)

p. 518-828-7254

Friday 12-7
Saturday 9-5
Sunday 12-5


Desserts Galore this January Weekend!

Introducing the Casmira!
All it takes is one of our decedent Red Barn frosted, chocolate brownies and a glass of a perfectly aged Armagnac from Fairview Wines and'll never be the same again!

We also have loads of Red Barn cupcakes! Red velvet, banana, chocolate and lemon and
Lady Cakes in banana and chocolate.

From David Ludke comes the most delicious GLUTEN FREE tarts and pies...seriously..even gluten free can be tasty!

To top it all off (and to cut the sweetness) there's always our fabulous Ice cream by the pint!

Look what you can make......

....with provisions from LICK The Market!

A melty leek and Hudson Red tart!

all you need are:
6 leeks
4 egg yolks
1.25 cups cream (now available with us!)
1/4 lb Hudson Red cheese
your favorite crust recipe
and love.....

Friday Jan 20

Just arriving this morning...
Shitaki and Oyster mushrooms from Zehr's...gorgeous!

Oliva Lacinata Kale Pesto

New this week at LICK The Market:
Oliva Provisions Lacinata Kale Pesto

Truly remarkable stuff!
This is a very dense pesto of the Lacinata (or dinosaur variety) kale, walnuts and all of the other things that make pesto so fabulous (read garlic and parmigiano).

I had it on my eggs with fresh ricotta and Sarah and Annette, the self proclaimed Ab Fab of pesto!, said a little on your sweet potatoes or butternut squash (guess what..LICK has BOTH) is not only delicious but also a visual bomb!
And best of all, it's made right up the road in Ancram.
We'll be sampling some this weekend.

another week at LICK The Market!

That's a photo of treviso, a relative of the radicchio family.
After a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of a sharp, nutty cheese (try our tasty Dutch Girl Mixed Milk cheese!) pop these babies in a hot oven for 10 minutes and become transformed in your opinion of bitter greens. Or add them to your fresh salad. Either way it's pretty fabulous!

Last week we just about sold out of greens by Saturday evening so we ordered even more for this week.

New this week:
Organic leeks
Organic red leaf lettuce
Fava bean, fresh and in the pod!

And the ever popular:
Baby spinach
Arugula (not baby this week!)
red kale-organic and gorgeous like last week
Grape tomatoes (organic)

New apples from Samascott
Blood oranges for those tasty margaritas!
and so much more, of course.

We even have a couple of quarts of goat's milk available this week.

And you've got to check out the most adorable and delicious coconut lady cakes from The Red barn.

POINT OF NOTE....Hillover regrets to inform us that they've had an issue at the bottling plant and there is no milk this week. They apologize for the inconvenience but are certain we'll have milk next week.
It's a disappointment as we've come to love the taste of super fresh milk. waiting a week will make us love it even more.

Market Dairy Lineup!

We have your favorite LICK flavors for those nights by the fire; with a pint and a spoon you have a party!

Vanilla Bean
Killer chocolate
Mint Chip
Coconut Almond joy
Cappuccino Kahlua
Salty Caramel Pretzel


The best tasting, freshest milk from Hillover Healthy and Fresh.
It’s bottled Friday evening and delivered cold Saturday morning.
We sold out in a matter of a couple hours last week but this week we’ve ordered more glass bottled quarts of whole and 2%.


Hillover Health and Fresh also makes whole cow’s milk yogurt in glass quart bottles

Old Chatham Shepherding Company has whole sheep’s milk yogurt in plain and flavors, thick and delicious!

Simply Greek- another smooth-as-silk whole sheep’s milk yogurt from the Mohawk Valley

Greek Goat-goats milk yogurt from Cohoes that’s so thick and delicious it’s more like fresh chevre but with live yogurt cultures.

Where do we start?.....
All cheeses are New York State or Vermont and all within 100 miles of Hudson

New for us:
Have you ever had black cheese? Well, the cheese itself isn’t black but the rind is. Made in Sharon Springs, NY Beekman 1802’s Blaak is a goat/cow blend that’s earthy and aged and coated in ash…it has some funk!

Bier Meck-in the Dutch Gouda tradition and brined in Ithaca Beer Company’s Smoked Porter Ale

Hudson Red-it can’t get any closer to home. Made in Philmont; French Munster in style from raw Jersey cow’s milk that came from a dairy in Schodack Landing

Adirondack Cheddar-tasty and sharp, traditional NYS cheddar from…..the Adirondacks, of course.

Stella Vallis Tomme-a French name but made in Pine Plains..nutty and medium sharp…gorgeous!

Amazing Real Live Food Camembert-from the makers of Stella comes a Camembert style cheese that tastes like it came from France..truly Amazing!

Goodness, the list goes on….

Dutch Girl Cumin Goat-an aged goat’s milk cheese with cumin for the best grilled cheese sandwich you’ll ever eat!

Dutch Girl “Softly from Leonardsville”- a raw sheep’s milk aged over 60 days in holds it’s moisture and doesn’t form a rind leaving a tangy cheese that reminds one of the texture of a ricotta salata…all you need is great olive oil (I hear Olde Hudson carries great olive oil!) and herbs…fantastic!

Mozzarella-from Cohoes…incredible cow’s milk mozz that melts in your mouth.

We also have Kunik, Simply Sheep and Crane Mountain from Nettle Meadow in Warrensburg.

From Bennington, Vermont come fresh ricotta that has the texture of velvet and Buratta, that cream filled, fresh Mozzarella that will blow your mind!

We even have Old Chatham Sheepherding Company's Camembert.

There's so much more, come have a taste!

What's new this week?


From Miller's Crossing here in Hudson:
Sweet Potatoes
Butternut Squash

From farm's further afield:
Curly Red Kale
Red D'Anjou Pears
Red Beets
Rainbow Chard
Red Grape Tomatoes

We buy from local farmer's first (organic and non-organic), then organics and finally we fill in with what you're asking for. This is a tough time of year for local greens (we've called everywhere!) but we can still provide you with your favorite items by bringing them from places that they're currently growing like Florida and California.

In addition to the new organics listed above, we're bringing you:

From Samascott Farms in Kinderhook:
Red Potatoes
Enormous Yellow Onions

Farms Further Afield:
Baby Spinach
Baby Arugula
Red Leaf Lettuce
Frisee! (you can never find this around Hudson)
Fresh Herbs

Blood Oranges (have you tried a blood orange margarita yet?!)

Also new this week:

Dried Herbs and Teas from Red Oak Farm in Stuyvesant
Mustards from Hudson Valley Farmstead in Craryville
Organic Muesli from MUMU in Sharon Springs
Tasty Surprises from the girls at MOD on Front Street
Chorizo from Pigasso farm in Copake

and get this.....

Croissants..fresh and buttery in plain, chocolate and almond from Corinna
Berry Streusel Cakes and Tarts from Regina at Verdigris

Grandma's Roast Chickens and Marvelous Meatloaf from The Red Barn
Bialy, pretzels, fresh pastas and rustic hot bread (come early!) from LOAF
Milk & yogurt (the most amazing flavor!) fresh on Saturday morning from HillOver Healthy & Fresh in Copake
Eggs and Meats from Pigasso in Copake

and of course

Sheep, cow and goat's milk cheeses of all styles from New York and Vermont
Sheep's Milk Yogurt that's smooth as silk and so thick you can stand a spoon in it!

and the list continues....

Susan Simon Says.....

...she really likes LICK and LICK The Market!
Plus she has a beautiful photo of dinner that she prepared from produce she bought at the market.
Reading further into her blog you will find gorgeous photos from her food travels...and so much more!

What a Fun Weekend!

Not only did we have a very successful couple of days (enough to warrant expanding the hours into Sunday!) but we had fun a lot of fun doing it!
Your happy and appreciative faces make it even more enjoyable.
Thank you Hudson and those that drove from afar!

We'll continue to bring you as much as is locally available and we'll fill in with other items that are in demand.

Expected this week....

An expanded list of organic vegetables and greens!

Does anyone remember when Corinna the pastry chef was briefly in the LICK space (off season) a couple of years ago?
Well her fabulous croissants will be here again this Saturday..she may even bring one of her beautiful cakes!

LOAF's bialys were such a hit Rachel will bring more..but only on Fridays so get 'em while the gettin's good!

The fresh ricotta is insanely good as is the cream filled buratta!

Red Barn's meat loaf and prepared chickens flew out the door (badump-bump) as did Pigasso's eggs and meats so we'll have more of the same.

Check back here on Thursday for a more specific list of veggies and later additions.

The farmer's thank you and LICK thanks you!

Friday 12-7
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 12-5

Today's The Day!

Friday Jan 7th is opening Day of LICK The Market

ice cream is stocked!
leg of lamb, lamb and pork sausages, chickens and even Pigasso's liverwurst, ground beef (and more) are in.
oh...the pork chops are beautiful!
eggs are nestled in their pink cartons
oyster mushrooms are here and they're gorgeous (as usual!)
we're bursting with cheeses
the apples are fragrant
the onions are huge!

scheduled for delivery this morning:

LOAF breads

Red barn chickens and meatloaf

fresh, cut flowers

NYS hydro Boston lettuce!
leaf lettuce
baby spinach
baby arugula

blood oranges!

scheduled for delivery Saturday mornings:

Milk and yogurt from Hillover Healthy and Fresh in Copake
Farmstead glass bottles from a meticulous herd of Holsteins and Brown Swiss.
Milk is bottled fresh on Friday evenings and delivered here on Saturday mornings!

There is much more not listed, we'll see you soon.

LICK The Market

To start off 2012 right we're moving the farmer's market indoors!

While the spring market is on hiatus LICK THE MARKET will open on Fridays and Saturdays during the months of January and February representing your trusted Hudson Farmer's Market vendors and more.

Chicken, bacon, sausage, lamb and eggs from Pigasso farms
Apples from Samascot
Mushrooms from Zehr's
Cheese and yogurt from Cheese! with a hearty and expanded selection!
Breads and fresh pastas from LOAF (we're bringing them back down town!)
Prepared chickens and meatloaf and more from The Red Barn

What's new?

Milk, cream and yogurt from Hillover Healthy and Fresh in Copake (farmstead glass bottles!)

Since most farms cannot sustainably grow greens during these colder months we've found a local purveyor of leafy greens (kale, chard, lettuce, spinach, etc), lemons, limes, possibly berries and more!

Root vegetables (carrots, onions, potatoes, garlic, shallots, etc) sourcing local first.

Best of all.......the return of our delicious ice cream by the pint!!!

We'll even have cut flowers to brighten your day.

Please make your requests for even more and we'll see what we can do.
Check back here each week to get an update of what's new and available.

We invite you to pop in and see just how fresh it can be January and February!

Fridays 12-7 (for those arriving by train from a long week's work)
Saturdays 10-6
we'd even extend days and hours if you're loving it!

mmmm burgers

everyone enjoys a good burger ... even vegetarians otherwise why would they go to so much effort to make the soy product taste like the real thing?

we have to agree -- burgers at Da|Ba are pretty f--ing awesome. it's all about the meat, baby.

and ice cream dreams do come true at LICK.


I wish I could take credit for this but helas, I cannot. Many thanks to Reza for his wicked sense of humor.

the art is back!

Max and Miles are back in the game! Pacman!!!

The first weekend was a raging success. Everyone wanted to be in a good mood and the weather was on our side. Murphy's Law stipulates that the next few weeks will bring us totally crappy weather (it's the ice cream equivalent of Groundhog Day). If so, don't be surprised if we close up shop for the day. You probably wouldn't even notice because who goes out for ice cream in crappy weather?!?

Thanks to everyone who brought us a great weekend!!!

DAY ONE -- 2009

I wish I had a better picture for today but there was no time! So instead here are some peeps that are almost as pink as the LICK shop.

Today was hot, it was busy, and everyone (and I mean everyone) was in a good mood. From the way I saw it, everyone was so excited to put on their summer clothes and walk about town as proof that winter is done and gone.

We had a few hiccups that all resolved themselves in the first hour (like where are the napkins?!? or sugar cones -- oops!). But no real mishaps. Except a kid or two who licked the scoop of ice cream right off their cone and onto the floor. We pointed and laughed at them, and then laughed some more (just kidding -- we really just gave 'em a new one).

Coming very, very soon.....

We hadn't planned on opening for another three weeks .... but with the predicted heat wave how could we not open?

Expect much of what you saw last year -- ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies, sundaes, and ice cream sandwiches. For the hot stuff, we have all the espresso drinks you could hope for. There will be a few new and exciting things (like a death by caramel sundae -- appropriately called "caramel heaven", laden with gingersnaps and whipped cream).

We're also putting out more benches and more chalk ..... come for a plop and get comfortable (sorry, no baby sitting drop-off services).

See you tomorrow -- it all begins Saturday the 25th of April !!!!

thank you hudson!

it was a great summer - so much fun - thank you so much for making it happen with us.

time for hiatus and hibernation .... see you in early may, 2009!!!

someone you know...

SOMEONE YOU KNOW brought in a photo from their childhood. a photo so reminiscent of the 70's that we had to recreate it to the best of our ability with chalk.

think wild hair and a white tank top!

maybe the colors aren't true but in a box of chalk you only get a few shades to work with. what did you want, green or pink hair? c'mon, we get the chalk from the dollar store -- not like they're going to have any of the fancy brown colors. if someone wants to swing by the Spotty Dog and get real chalk, we'd be more than happy to use all 32 hues! but i must confess, it won't make us better artists. we only know how to scoop ice cream and make people happy.

happy birthday ollie!!!

we had another birthday here at the LICK. one of those birthday parties where everyone gets an ice cream but there was no candle this time. i think ollie wouldn't have known to blow it out!

more chalk

you would not believe how much chalk art we get every day.

we want to host a sidewalk chalk art competition next summer with different prize categories. would you participate??

Lily and Bea!!!

Lily and Bea came in for some mango sorbet the other day. The paparazzi caught up with them right in front of the beautiful flowers of Lili and Loo.

Imagine that -- a Lily in front of Lili with lilies in the background. Folks, you can make this stuff up!


what we have here are three different artists. the first person was just sketching LICK (can you blame them?!?). the second person added ME just to be funny because if you think about it, there are a lot of words that can be tagged onto LICK to form an imperative. but it's the third person here who gets the honorable mention -- the one who wrote PLEASE because you know it was some type of june cleaver who just had to correct the impolite usage of the english language!

rainbow sprinkles!!!

this here is pure happiness -- the wind in her hair, the promise of rainbow sprinkles, and the time before filing tax returns and watching her cholesterol. kacie ann is one happy kid.


as you can see, we had no bright ideas today.



here's another good picture taken by barry. this time it's lauren trying to keep the melting plum sorbet off her fingers. Yoohoo - those kinds of messes are exactly why the shop is called LICK, lauren (and most certainly not LICK LAUREN, although that would be the history of hudson in a nutshell or in this case, a scoop!).

by the way, you should read lauren's bio.

so, back to the dripping plum sorbet, who needs napkins? just curl your tongue around the drippy parts and lick them up! yum yum!!


this darling little girl is going through a hat phase despite the summer heat. you know what? we think she's adorable!

at first glance it looks like a Benneton add, non?

Kacie Ann

Hello hello, here we have Kacie Ann. Which of the following statements is correct?

(a) to the joy and appall of parents Hudson-wide, LICK has opened a daycare facility

(b) the first enrollee in the LICK Exective Training Program (LICKETP) studies the wrist-swirl vs. arm-pulling techniques of scooping ice cream

(c) shift supervisor keeps a watchful eye on portion control and inventory management

(d) gee, if I sit here really quietly with this cheese-eating grin on my face, maybe they'll realize how adorable I am and give me FREE ICE CREAM FOR LIFE!!!!!

nighttime action

Here's a spontaneous shot of what LICK is like after dinner on a warm summer night -- people gathering together while dogs hope for a lucky drip to fall. Come January and February, we'll look back on these nights as the most special part of summer.


Terrence is probably the happiest kid we've ever met. So excited, so gung-ho. SUPER creative imagination.

We showed him how to play tic-tac-toe on the sidewalk. At first he just thought they were random X's and O's but he quickly caught on.

Terrence likes the smoothies to the point where he got the nickname SmoothieMan!!!

james brown?

question time -- is this kid:
(a) singing
(b) praying
(c) going down for more

it could be any one of those!

that cone looks like a microphone to me. i can hear james brown right this very second...

thanks barry for a great picture. folks -- this is what it looks like when a REAL photographer uses his camera. not like the rest of us who rely on our telephones to take a fuzzy picture.

we're on a food writer's blog!!

A guy was sitting at the cafe table enjoying his ice cream when i noticed he was taking notes. i joked with him about being an undercover food critic when he confessed he was Mike Dunne, the traveling food editor for the Sacramento Bee newspaper.

he loved LICK!!

click on the article below to get a larger version for reading...

man's best friend

here are victor and chip. although sometimes i call him rocky. rocky the dog, not victor.

today is rocky's lucky day. in case you couldn't guess, DOGS LOVE ICE CREAM.

we have dog biscuits that we give out but rocky knows better to wait until the cup is almost finished. he's even happy licking just the spoon but tonight he got a real treat!


These kids have the most advanced palettes (not to mention the most colorful faces) in Hudson. Skip the vanilla with sprinkles -- they want minced ginger, coffee, and butter pecan. Dad's a trained chef so they know good food. (and don't mess with Texas!)

When we asked Dodge to give us a good long lick for the camera, she showed us how she could do it without an ice cream. Go Dodge!

Not only does she get the best lick award for a Thursday night, the cerise rain boots were not overlooked by the LICK fashion judges. Cute Cute Cute!

Who would have thunk

Who would have thunk. The flavor to fly out of here the fastest of all time is ...... Cookie Dough. Yes, the one that's vanilla-based with nuggets of cookie batter. Old people, youngins, everyone alike wanted cookie dough today. It only took 5 hours to hit the bottom of the tub. Trust you me, that's a lot of ice cream!

But you know .... I have to admit .... a scoop of cookie dough and a scoop of milk chocolate is like a birthday party in your mouth. With some hot fudge on top .... yes!

Abel - you rock!

steve and abel came for ice cream tonight. half way through, holding his cone in one hand, abel reached for some chalk and sketched this out free-hand on the sidewalk in about 4 seconds.

i'm really happy for people who are artistic and talented. but the happiness quickly turns to envy .... and then sometimes turns to jealousy (grrrr!). so we got out the hose and washed it away. see - nothing to be jealous about! just kidding. sort of.


The world's cutest kid!