What's new this week?


From Miller's Crossing here in Hudson:
Sweet Potatoes
Butternut Squash

From farm's further afield:
Curly Red Kale
Red D'Anjou Pears
Red Beets
Rainbow Chard
Red Grape Tomatoes

We buy from local farmer's first (organic and non-organic), then organics and finally we fill in with what you're asking for. This is a tough time of year for local greens (we've called everywhere!) but we can still provide you with your favorite items by bringing them from places that they're currently growing like Florida and California.

In addition to the new organics listed above, we're bringing you:

From Samascott Farms in Kinderhook:
Red Potatoes
Enormous Yellow Onions

Farms Further Afield:
Baby Spinach
Baby Arugula
Red Leaf Lettuce
Frisee! (you can never find this around Hudson)
Fresh Herbs

Blood Oranges (have you tried a blood orange margarita yet?!)

Also new this week:

Dried Herbs and Teas from Red Oak Farm in Stuyvesant
Mustards from Hudson Valley Farmstead in Craryville
Organic Muesli from MUMU in Sharon Springs
Tasty Surprises from the girls at MOD on Front Street
Chorizo from Pigasso farm in Copake

and get this.....

Croissants..fresh and buttery in plain, chocolate and almond from Corinna
Berry Streusel Cakes and Tarts from Regina at Verdigris

Grandma's Roast Chickens and Marvelous Meatloaf from The Red Barn
Bialy, pretzels, fresh pastas and rustic hot bread (come early!) from LOAF
Milk & yogurt (the most amazing flavor!) fresh on Saturday morning from HillOver Healthy & Fresh in Copake
Eggs and Meats from Pigasso in Copake

and of course

Sheep, cow and goat's milk cheeses of all styles from New York and Vermont
Sheep's Milk Yogurt that's smooth as silk and so thick you can stand a spoon in it!

and the list continues....