What a Fun Weekend!

Not only did we have a very successful couple of days (enough to warrant expanding the hours into Sunday!) but we had fun a lot of fun doing it!
Your happy and appreciative faces make it even more enjoyable.
Thank you Hudson and those that drove from afar!

We'll continue to bring you as much as is locally available and we'll fill in with other items that are in demand.

Expected this week....

An expanded list of organic vegetables and greens!

Does anyone remember when Corinna the pastry chef was briefly in the LICK space (off season) a couple of years ago?
Well her fabulous croissants will be here again this Saturday..she may even bring one of her beautiful cakes!

LOAF's bialys were such a hit Rachel will bring more..but only on Fridays so get 'em while the gettin's good!

The fresh ricotta is insanely good as is the cream filled buratta!

Red Barn's meat loaf and prepared chickens flew out the door (badump-bump) as did Pigasso's eggs and meats so we'll have more of the same.

Check back here on Thursday for a more specific list of veggies and later additions.

The farmer's thank you and LICK thanks you!

Friday 12-7
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 12-5